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Secret Mexico

Secret beaches of Baja California

Baja California, Mexico

This state of Mexico commonly referred to as “Baja” or “Baja Norte” has the most beautiful beaches in Mexico and yet remains forgotten.

Bahía de Los Ángeles

Incredible nature is here.

The bay is on the Gulf of California side, has a tiny population of 800 people, and it is about 10 hours by car from Tijuana. The road is paved and safe. The impressive landscapes on the way and the beauty of Bahia de Los Angeles will amaze you. Another way to access the bay is by private yacht or boat sailing along the Sea of Cortez.

Sixteen islands surround the bay so that you can take some great snorkeling and sightseeing tours. You will find a diversity of sea animals like dolphins, turtles, sea lions, and sea birds here. From December to April, the great grey whales come to the bay.

This bay is also well-known because of the whale shark (Rhincodon typus) that arrives at the bay from June to November. Don’t you worry, this “fish” is known for being “docile.” It does not represent any danger to humans. This fish sometimes even let the swimmers catch a ride with him.

Bahia de Los Angeles is known for its watersport and world-famous for its sportfishing. It is an excellent spot for windsurfing and kayaking.

There is no nightlife here, only some parties on the holidays.

If you plan to visit this paradise:

Consider bringing with you some medicines.
Be sure that you have enough gas in the tank because gas might not always be available.
You can tank in the gas station in “El Rosario de Arriba” if you are taking the road close to the pacific ocean; if you are taking the road close to the Gulf of California, fill up your tank in San Felipe.
Internet connection might not be the best, even if some people find this as a way to leave their world behind some people might not,
so you should check with your mobile network operator if you can use your phone correctly.

The top-rated hotel in the area is the Los Vientos hotel.

Punta Colonet

Punta Colonet is a small sandy beach located on the Pacific Oceanside and is just 4 hours away from Tijuana.

This place is known for its agriculture so you can find here orchards (vegetable gardens). It is also an excellent spot for fishing and surfing.

There are no restaurants on the beach, so be sure to bring some snacks with you.

The economy of this place has been developing in recent years.

As a curious fact, the Mexican government had the project to make Punta Colonet a vital container port; this port would represent profound implications to Los Angeles port (USA). Unfortunately, this project has been frustrated because of the investment it requires, but maybe the Mexican government will continue with it in the future.

If that happens, the population is expected to grow significantly, and the beach might no longer have its beauty as today.

San Felipe

(Playa Hawaii and San Felipe)

Playa Hawaii and San Felipe are two destinations close to each other, and both of them are located 4 hours away from Tijuana, on the Gulf of California side. 

These destinations are not actually a secret, those places are well known among the retired people from the United States looking for a relaxed place to live, and some U.S. students choose this place for the spring break. Occasionally there are tourists from Canada.

However, there are still many people that do not know the existence of these places. 

These destinations are not as isolated as “Bahía De Los Angeles” or Colonet. Here you will find a supermarket and a good internet connection.

It is easy to find nice accommodation here as Hotel Las Palmas

Playa San Felipe

Playa Hawaii

Playa Hawaii is located a few miles from San Felipe, this one is a more relaxed place than San Felipe, but there are also available resorts and friendly hotels.

Even if there are hotels, it is not considered a luxurious destination and still keeps the mark as a “virgin beach.”


Six hours away from Tijuana, 4 hours away from Mexicali, and 1 hour and a half from San Felipe. 

The beach is located on the Gulf of California side and is also well known among retired people from the United States that look for a relaxed place to live.

This place is known for its hot springs and is also a good spot for fishing and diving.

There are no hotel accommodations here, but there are spots for camping. Also, you can look for a place to stay in Airbnb.

As well as in Bahía de Los Ángeles, gas is not always available. You should fill up your tank in San Felipe.

Bahía de San Luis Gonzaga

This beach is 3 hours away from San Felipe, on the Gulf of California Side.

Here you will find crystal clear water and activities like kayaking, fishing, diving, and even swimming with the whale shark.

Very few people know this beach, and there is only one hotel here called Alfonsina´s Baja Resort. Camping sites are also available.

There are no gas stations around here, so make sure you fill up your tank in San Felipe.

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