Off the Beaten Path: Your Ultimate Guide to Mexico's Hidden Gems and Travel Secrets, Uncovering Uncharted Foodie Spots, Undiscovered Ruins, and Unforgettable Experiences.

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Ultimate Guide to Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the most popular travel destinations in North America. We’ve put together this Mexico city travel guide to help you plan your visit and provide insights on what to do, where to go, and how much it will cost so that you can spend less time planning and more time exploring! Mexico City should be on your bucket list with its rich history, vibrant culture, and abundant natural attractions.

Things you need to know when traveling to Mexico City

Living in Mexico City is very expensive and way more than what you’d generally expect to pay in other Mexican towns. Mexico City is not the place to go for cheap eats!

You must stay alert and aware of your surroundings when you’re in Mexico City because Mexican cities are known for their high crime rates. Thefts (pick-pocketing or bag snatching) can occur almost anywhere, so be careful.

Arrive early at museums as they often close their doors 30 minutes before the listed closing time. Dress conservatively, especially if visiting churches or religious sites which are considered sacred. 

Mexico city is home to stringent smoking laws, so if you plan on lighting a cigar or cigarette while walking in public, make sure it’s done away from the general public.

Mexico City information

Mexico city is one of the largest cities in the world. With a population of over 20 million, Mexico City has more than twice as many people living within its borders than New York City does! The city is famous for its food. There are thousands of restaurants serving delicious Mexican cuisine all over the Mexico City region, and choosing where to eat can be a challenge!

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Best Time to Go Mexico City

The best time to travel to Mexico City is between March-April and October-November. Mexico City is prone to air pollution and sudden rainstorms during the rainy season, which falls between June and October.

The Best Way to Get Around in Mexico City

Mexico City has an excellent public transportation system with local buses that run 24 hours daily. Mexican metro (subway) is very efficient in getting you around Mexico city throughout its extensive network of lines; however, it can get incredibly crowded at peak times!

Taxis are easily available but avoid taking them late at night or when leaving a club as they tend to charge higher than usual prices.
There is also an Uber here that is considered reliable and usually cheaper than regular taxis.
Walking within specific neighborhoods like Polenko or Condesa is also common because these areas have charming trails along which are trees and flowers that locals love to hike.

Best Attractions to See in Mexico City

In Mexico City, you’ll find a fantastic array of attractions such as museums (like the Museo de Arte Moderno), churches (Basilica de Gu), and historical sites (Coyo. ac). Mexico City has it all!

Here are some of the top attractions in Mexico City:

Templo Mayor (Aztec Ruins) – One of the few remaining Aztec construction sites in central Mexico,
it served as their religious heart until they were conquered by Spanish explorers.
Archeologists believe that at one point, the ancient civilization was using this place to conduct human sacrifices (some of their victims’ skeletons can still be found here).

Zocalo – The grand city square makes up the historic center of Mexico City and is dominated by this massive cathedral that dates back to the 16th century.
It also features the presidential palace, the local government headquarters and numerous shops and cafes.

Angel de la Independencia – A larger than life monument which has become one Mexico City’s most iconic symbols (and an obligatory photo for tourists).

Palacio de Bellas Artes – This large and impressive building was originally designed as a concert hall, but is now used for many types of special events.

La Castellana Avenue – One of the busiest shopping districts in all Latin America, you can find just about any brand name garment or accessory you’re looking for here.
Perfect if you’re looking for a new outfit to don during your stay at one of Mexico City’s many upscale hotels and restaurants.
You’ll also find plenty of freshly prepared food stands as well as carnival rides, games and music performances all over the avenue’s massive stretch.

The Cathedral – An iconic building which is a must see for anyone who visits Mexico City. Inside the cathedral, visitors can admire artworks unique to this ancient place of worship.

Best Places to Stay in Mexico City

You will find a wide range of accommodation options with many budget hotels and hostels and mid-range and luxury accommodations available throughout Mexico city.

The best area to stay in Mexico City is Zona Rosa, close to Mexico’s most vibrant neighborhoods. You’ll find many local cafes, bars, and restaurants in this area that are perfect for meeting friends after work or enjoying a weekend brunch with family before visiting the nearby sights!

How long to spend in Mexico city

Two or three days in Mexico City should be enough for exploring most of the city’s attractions and activities. Mexican towns tend to be very spread out, so it can take a lot of time getting around from one place to another!

Nightlife in Mexico city

Mexico City is one of the most vibrant Mexican cities with a wide variety of nightclubs and bars, many located in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa neighborhood. Mexico city’s nightlife is best experienced at Mexican bars, so be sure to try a few shots of mezcal or tequila while you are there!

Most secret places in Mexico city Nightlife

Mexico City has a big amount of historical sites and buildings, but if you go down to the underground level you will find more interesting places. Places that may be called “secret” for some, but where cool stuff happens every day.

Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge has a small entrance that may be easy to pass by, but this place is amazing. This is a nightclub that you can find in Cholula district (ancient city) and it is full of high designer pieces and expensive furniture. It is usually these places where people go to get wasted, but Bar Rouge has one of the best cocktails in town, and you can even eat.

Subterranean bars

There are some underground bars around the city, but the one I particularly like is located in San Angel. This place has an amazing vibe and it’s decorated with street art, plus you will find some of the best bars in town.

If you go down the stairs and then to your right, you will find a small church that is decorated with old paintings and other pieces.

Fusion restaurant

This place is located in Roma Norte district, and it has amazing cocktails and food based on mexican fusion cuisine. The decoration is really interesting, made with tiles and geometric pieces that give the place a unique vibe.

Mexico City facts

Mexico City was the first Mexican city to have its subway system in 1969, and it currently has six different lines that cover over 200km. Mexico city is the Mexican capital, with a population of more than 21 million people.

Mexico City’s Zocalo square, housing the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral (built-in 1573), and numerous Aztec temples like Templo mayor testify Mexican history spanning centuries!

Here you will find over 80 museums, with the Mexican history stretching back centuries. Mexico City’s National Museum of Anthropology houses some incredible artifacts from ancient Mexican civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec!

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