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The weather seasons in Mexico โ€“ when to travel

The weather seasons in Mexico – when to travel

The best time to travel to Mexico is between December and April. In these months you can enjoy warm and dry weather. Want to avoid the crowd? May and June will be perfect for you. Mexico has much to offer, from exploring ancient Mayan ruins and swimming in cenotes (freshwater caves) in Tulum to partying with young Americans coming to celebrate spring break in Cancun our Tulum.

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When is the best time to travel to Mexico by region/destination?

  • The best time to travel in the Yucatan Peninsula (Cancun\Playa\Tulum\Cozumel) is from December to March.
  • The best time to travel in the Baja California region is from December to May.
  • The best time to travel in the Puerto-Viaretta/Vajaca region is from April to May and September to October.

When is Mexico’s dry season?

If you want non-stop sun, plan your trip to Mexico between December and April. The average temperature is 25 degrees in these months; if you love the nightlife, come between March and April to enjoy the parties of Cancun in the Caribbean Sea.

The rainy season in Mexico runs from May to September; the rain falls mainly in the late afternoon in short bursts, meaning you’ll still have hours of sunshine to enjoy most of the day.
The official hurricane season in Mexico runs from June to November.

When is the quietest time to travel in Mexico? Or when is the weak season?
If you want to avoid meeting a load of travelers on your trip, go to places like Cancun in March and April, when spring break takes place, crowds of American students flood the beaches, and prices rise accordingly.
When the hurricane season ends in May and November, they are two of the quietest months in Mexico.
If you are looking for a secluded beach in Playa del Carmen and want to explore the jungle in the Riviera Maya, this is the recommended time to do it without crowds of tourists.

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