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Tulum night life, bars and party’s guide

Tulum is a must-visit destination for people who enjoy nature, electronic music, and spiritual awareness. It’s known for its stunning scenery and cultural significance but is also a hub for non-stop, electrifying fun. The nightlife scene in Tulum is booming, offering a diverse range of electronic music styles. If you’re not a dance music fan, alternative options such as Salsa Nights, Latin music & hip-hop are available.

Where to Go? Tulum’s nightlife is spread out over three distinct areas:

  1. The Beach Zone: This is where most of the dance clubs and beach parties are located (Papaya Playa, Mia Tulum, Vagalume, Bonbonniere), offering a lively and energetic atmosphere for those who love to swim, eat, drink & dance. There are plenty of high-end restaurants that offer a dinner and party vibe as well, such as Bagatelle or Gitano Jungle.
  2. Downtown: Downtown and its areas offer a relaxed vibe with some bars and restaurants catering to a more laid-back crowd. The local vibe is mostly around downtown and includes diverse places to eat, drink, and dance. Batey Tulum (the mojitos/vw) is a classic. Other areas include Radio Tulum, Animal Club, Nocturnal & Zamanik (Aldea Zamna), Santino & Straw Hat.
  3. Jungle (parties): Jungle parties offer a unique experience, with DJs spinning music amid the lush jungle setting. Most jungle parties are just a short 15-25 minute journey away. Zamna Tulum is the most prominent representative of the jungle party modality.

When to Go? The party scene in Tulum is lively all year round, with an increased frequency of big festivals and parties from December to March (high season). During a typical week, activity starts low on Monday but gradually picks up pace as the week progresses, reaching its peak on Friday and Saturday.

What to Expect? The cost of Tulum nightlife varies on which area you’ll be partying in and at which clubs or bars. The beach clubs and bars along the beach will be much pricier than those in the town itself. Most bars and clubs in Tulum only accept pesos; this includes even the fanciest places. They will get Mexico Pesos and also American Dollars. Always remember to tip, as it is the custom in most of Mexico, especially in the more touristy spots. The introductory rate is 10-15% and is usually not included on the bill unless there is a charge for ‘propane.’

Safety While this may be common sense for most of Mexico in general, and especially at night, take care of your belongings and watch out for pickpockets. Don’t take your expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max out a night, carry a little cash, and don’t wear a lot of jewelry.

Top Venues For the full six nights out in Tulum, the most popular bars and clubs take turns hosting a night. The list is as follows:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar in the town
  • Thursdays: Casa Jaguar in the beach zone
  • Fridays: Gitano in the beach zone
  • Saturdays: Papaya Playa Project in the beach town
  • Sundays: Salsa Night at La Zebra Hotel in the southern beach zone

Remember Varying your experiences is key to having a great time in Tulum. Take the opportunity to visit different clubs, combining beach, downtown, and jungle parties, for a truly diverse and memorable experience. If you have the time, travel around the Riviera Maya while not in party mode. We highly recommend a trip to Bacalar or Holbox to relax and enjoy nature.

Electronic music festivals in Tulum:

  • Day Zero Festival: Day Zero, initiated by DJ Damian Lazarus, blends electronic music with Mayan culture and ceremonies, offering a unique experience set in the jungle and around a cenote.
  • Art With Me: Art With Me combines music, art, wellness, and environmental awareness, spanning multiple venues within Tulum and integrating attendees into local culture.
  • Zamna Tulum: Zamna hosts various festivals within a stunning jungle setting featuring a cenote, attracting international DJs and offering immersive experiences through exceptional light and visual effects.
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